The New Climate Center Website

The climate center website has not seen a major upgrade since the early 2000s! We decided it was really time to integrate some 21st century technology. Twenty years ago, our website was "cutting edge". We provided climate data that couldn't be found anywhere else online!

These days, there are plenty of data repositories that can be freely accessed. We want to continue to make that data easy to access on our website. But we also want to provide you with more than just the raw data. We want to educate and inform our visitors with how that data makes up the complex and interesting climate of Colorado.

We aim to make our new website your "one stop shop" for all things pertaining to Colorado's climate. If you can't find the answer on our website, let us know so that we can add it!

  • Normals and Extremes: Normals and extremes for stations and locations all across the state are at your fingertips. Browse through our interactive maps, or look up information for a specific station.
  • Products and Tools: We take the data and make it meaningful to you and useful for your needs.
  • New Data Access: Our updated data access page allows you to easily select the station you want with a new interactive map. Then instantly get the data.
  • Historic Events: Check out our "scrapbook" of Colorado's historic climate and weather events, with accompanying graphics, stats, and literature.
  • More Climate Education: In addition to tools, products, and data, our pages can teach you about what drives and changes Colorado's climate.

Current Fort Collins Weather
You can still view the graphs and 5-minute data for the CSU weather station.

Climate of Colorado
Where did that wonderfully informative text describing Colorado's climate, in detail, go to? We still have it! In our top menu, under Colorado's Climate -> Climate Description.

Old Data Access
Visit our new data access page and click the next to the heading "Access Colorado Data". An information box will pop up with links to the old online forms for daily and monthly data.

Staff Contact Information
You'll find phone, fax, and email addresses for our entire staff on our About Us page.

Looking for something that is no longer on our website? Have an idea for a new feature? Any other questions or comments about our new page?

Email Becky Bolinger.

Our top menu bar should be pretty easy to navigate. Or check out our General Information page. It gives a little bit of extra information on all of our menu items.